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Army decides to shift its Service Corps from Gaya

Gen.VK Sinha has announced shifting of ASC from Gaya to Bangalore. This will result in massive opprotunity loss for Gaya which will be economically ruined. The center know this hence the final shifting will take place after Bihar Elections. बिहार के गया से आर्मी के सर्विस कोर हटा के बैंगलोर ले जाये के घोषणा सेना

No option to choose an option

Center has agreed to the proposal that there should not be any optional paper in IAS prelims. Instead there should be common paper for testing the aptitude of the applicants for the civil jobs. The syllabus is still to be finalised but the system will be in place for the next year exams. So candidates

HM raises the bogey of Saffron Terrorism

Home Minister PC has raised once again the bogey of “Saffron Terrorism”. It is being done to minimise the real danger coming from Green Terrorism, Red Terrosism, and also White Terrorism. Though there is no “Saffron Terrorism” at present but the secular apathy and aversion to anything and everything associated with Hindus and Hinduism will

Hari Prasad arrested

Maharastra Police has arrested Hari Prasad, the specialist who proved beyond doubt that EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) can be tampered with. He has been arrested for stealing an EVM from a district election office. Now the world has taken notice and politicians have started raising a storm. वोटिंग मशीन के में अपना मनमाफिक परिणाम खातिर

Farmers continue protesting

Farmers continued their protest against land acquisiton for Yamuna Expressway at nominal price. They are demanding payment as was paid for NOIDA. Many places witnessed large scale violance during one day Bandh yesterday. Nearly all parties other than BSP has supported the farmers demands. यमुना एक्सप्रेसवे खातिर जमीन के अधिग्रहण का खिलाफ किसानन के आन्दोलन

Flood crisis worsens in Purvanchal

Ghaghra river continues to overflow due to heavy release of water from Banbasa barrage. Hundreds of villages are threatened with flood in Purvanchal. बनबसा बैराज से बेहिसाव पानी छोड़ला का चलते घाघरा नदी में आइल उफान से पूर्वांचल में कई जगहा बाढ़ के पानी गाँवन में घुस गइल बा आ कई जगहा तटबंधन पर कटाव

America keeping an eye on Nuclear Responsibility Bill

The central govt had to ammend the bill due to determined opposition. A USA govt official has said that USA is keeping an eye on the bill. The USA suppliers wanted a clearcut explanation of their responsibilities as they do not get any support from the administration. अमेरिका भारत के परमाणु जिम्मेदारी विधेयक पर नजर

The dopers get a shot

CWG organising committee has decided to help the Indian Weightlifters with Rs.1.75 crores to pay the fines imposed on them by the Internation body for indulging in doping. Now the Indian weightlifters can participate in the CWG भारत के भारोत्तोलक संघ पर डोपिंग के कुछ मामिला का चलते अंतर्राष्ट्रीय भारोत्तोलक संघ पौने दू करोड़ के

India finally qualified for tri-nation cricket finals

On Wednesday the Indian team defeated New Zealand by 105 runs to reach the finals. Virendra Sehwag finally made his 13th ODI century. Now India will face SriLanka on Saturday. श्रीलंका में चल रहल तिकोनिया एक दिना क्रिकेट टूर्नामेंट में न्यूजीलैन्ड के १०५ रन से हरा के भारत आखिरकार फाइनल में चहुँपिये गइल. अब शनिचर

160 viilages in Purvanchal are affected by flood

Due to release of abundant rain water from Nepal the rivers of Purvanchal are full to the danger line and at many places way over it. 160 villages are reported to be affected with flood in Ghaghra. Azamgarh, Mau, Ballia, Deoria, Gorakhpur everywhere flood water has entered villages. नेपाल से बेहिसाब पानी छोड़ दिहला का

Bihar Govt. Employees go on strike

Every election time the employees of Bihar govt. usually go on strike demanding better pay and packages. This year too there is no exception and the employees have goen on strike from Monday. The secretariat employees are not on strike this time but all over the state the govt machinary has came to a halt.

Election Commission plans live monitoring of Bihar elections

Election Commission of India is planning to closely monitor the upcoming assembly elections in Bihar and other states this year and adequate arrangements are being made for continuous video monotoring of neary 20% booths. भारत के चुनाव आयोग आवे वाला विधानसभा चुनावन के लगातार निरीक्षण करे खातिर बीस फीसदी चुनाव बूथ पर लगातार वीडियो का

Engineering College inaugurated at Dighwara

An Engineering college was inaugurated at Dighwara on Sunday by Dr.Vijay Pratap Kumar, Vice-chancellor of J.P.University, Chapra. The college has been established by G-Tech Educational Charitable Trust of Gorakhpur. अतवार का दिने छपरा जिला का दिघवारा में एगो इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज के उद्घाटन जयप्रकाश विश्वविद्यालय, छपरा के कुलपति डा॰विजय प्रताप कुमार कइले. उद्घाटन करत डा॰ कुमार

Bihar will become a developed state soon

Sushil Modi, deputy chief minister of Bihar, said at a public rally of BJP at Mairwa that Bihar will soon be counted amongst developed state of India if NDA was given yet another chance. Whereas if Congress or Lalu-Paswan will it will go backwards. बिहार के उपमुख्य मंत्री सुशील मोदी मैरवा में आयोजित भाजपा के

RajaPatti in Gopalganj district may become a block

The people of RajaPatti area of Gopalganj may find a easy way to get their problems solved. Joint Secretary Anil Kumar has asked the district administration to look into the possibility of making Rajapatti a block. गोपालगंज जिला के राजापट्टी इलाका में रहे वाला लोगन के रोज रोज के परेशानी दूर करे खातिर राजापट्टी के

Advocates boycott District Magistrate of Deoria

Angry with his beahiour the advocates of Deoria boycotted the court of the DM on Monday and demonstrated amidst tight security. The DM denies misbehaving with any advocate. देवरिया के वकील काल्हु जिलाधिकारी के न्यायालय के सामूहिक वहिष्कार कइले आ समाहरणालय में जम के प्रदर्शन कइले. ओह लोग के नाराजगी जिलाधिकारी के व्यवहार से बा

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