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Archives for September 2010

Electric connection came with death penalty

The house of Upendra Ray of Kevatia village in Dariyapur PS area of Chapra dist got a new electric connection on Thursday morning. Boys of the house were trying to connect another bulb to it and got into contact of a live wire. Women of the house tried to save them and two of them

BJP announces its list of candidates

Ignoring the earlier suggestions BJP has announced its first list of candidates for 87 seats. Under the agreement with JD(U) BJP has got 102 seats. Four sitting MLAs have been denied tickets. Earlier it was whispered that more than a dozen sitting MLAs may be axed. भाजपा अपना कोटा के १०२ सीट में से ८७

Now your motor cycles may get seized for election duty

In the past cars and other similar vihicles were forcibly taken for election duty. Trucks and Buses were routiney seized or called for election duty. This time motor cylces too will be the target of such seizures and the owner will get a compensation @ Rs.100/- per day. अब तकले चुनाव काम खातिर बड़का गाड़ियन

Allahabad High Court to announce its judgement on 3oth Sept.

Following the rejection of appeal in the Supreme Court to defer the announcement, Allahabad High Court has decided to announce the judgment on 30th Sept at 3.30 PM. This information was given to the media by OSD in the court Hari Shankar Dubey. सुप्रीम कोर्ट से फैसला रोके के याचिका खारिज भइला का बाद इलाहाबाद

Patient dies during tubeligation

At a family planning camp a patient undergoing laparoscopic tubeligation died. The operating surgeon, Dr.A.K.Singh from Rasra CHC, and his team put the body in the ambulance and left the place in haste. Later the villagers put up a road block which was broken by police and the leader of the blockade was put behind

Narendra Modi starts Muslim vote bank game

Softening his anti-muslim image is at the top priority for Narendra Modi who won the Congress bastion of Kathlal constituency in Gujarat on Muslim support. He has now nominated 22 candidates for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on BJP ticket dspite murmur of protest amongst the party colleagues. Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat and now

Congress tries to reclaim its Muslim support in Bihar

Looking to reclaim its traditional Muslim support Congress has announced tickets to 22 Muslim candidates in its first list of 77 candidates for Bihar Assembly Election. This will harm Lalu and Ramvilas the most as they too have made their plans on the premise that Muslims support will be theirs. बिहार विधानसभा के होखे वाला

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